Alexander Pershái

Pershai icon I specialize in cultural theory, linguistics, Eastern European studies, and gender studies. I received my PhD in Cultural Studies from Trent University in 2012. My doctoral dissertation analyzes how Belarusian intellectuals adopt western theories of nationalism, and investigates what theories, genres, tropes, and intellectual trajectories are commonly used in contemporary intellectual discourse on Belarusian nationalism. I also possess the Kandidat Nauk degree in Philology from Belarus State University. My dissertation, which soon will be published as a monograph, analyzes Belarusian, English, Polish, and Russian “gendered” idiomatic expressions. The forthcoming monograph discusses the issues of linguistic sexism, androcentrism, and heteronormativity, with a focus on some key differences between Western and Eastern European cultures. My research interests include nationalism theory, Eastern European studies, intellectual movements in Belarus after socialism, transformations of academia, interrelations of gender, language and power, and transgender studies. I study intellectual writing and nationalism in Eastern Europe, especially in Belarus, with an emphasis on the issues of identity, language, and nation-building. Currently, I am the managing editor and executive development and communications officer for “The Bridge-MOCT”, the journal published electronically by the International Association for the Humanities (IAH); I also teach and supervise students at the Centre for Gender Studies at European Humanities University.

Courses: Introduction to Gender Linguistics