Sofya Aptekar
Max Planck Institute and City University of New York (СUNY)
PhD, Sociology
Courses: Post-soviet Migration and Globalization




Olga Boitsova
Candidate Degree (equivalent to PhD), History
Courses: Visual Data for Social Scientists



Natalia Dolgova
Center for Applied Linguistics and George Washington University
PhD, Applied Linguistics
Courses: Basic Academic Writing in English



Petr Ivanov
The Higher School of Urban Studies;
MA, Sociology
Courses: Field Sociology of the City



Irina Kareva
Tufts University
PhD, Applied Mathematics in Life and Social Sciences
Courses: Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes


egor icon

Egor Korobejnikov
Candidate Degree (equivalent to PhD), Economics
Courses: Field Sociology of the City


Kurilla icon

Ivan Kurilla
Volgograd State University
Doctor of History
Courses: What is History? ; History of Russian-U.S. Relations


svyat icon

Svyat Murunov
RANEPA; Private Creative Cluster “Creative Economics”
Courses: Field Sociology of the City


Pershai icon

Alexander Pershái
“The Bridge-MOCT”, the journal published electronically by the International Association for the Humanities (IAH); the Centre for Gender Studies of European Humanities University
Courses: Introduction to Gender Linguistics ; Introduction to Gender Studies



Jamal Rakhaev
Сenter for the Study of History of Russia’s Ethnic Groups and Interethnic Relations, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Science
Candidate Degree (equivalent to PhD), History
Courses: The Caucasus in International Relations (XVI-XX Century)



Sergei Samoilenko
George Mason University
MA, Strategic Communications
Courses: Strategic Communications and Social Media



Dmitry Saponov
Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
Candidate Degree (equivalent to PhD), Sociology
Courses: Statistical Data Analysis



Olga Sezneva
University of Amsterdam
PhD, Sociology
Courses: City and the Problems of Its Development




Alexander Semenov
Independent researcher,
Courses: Social Network Analysis




Tatiana Tatarchevskiy
PhD, Sociology
Courses: Sociology of the Internet



Aleksei Titkov
Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
Candidate Degree (equivalent to PhD), Geography; МА, Sociology
Courses: Social Theories and Space



Gulnaz Sharafutdinova
Miami University (Ohio)
PhD, Political Science
Courses: Politics of Energy Security in Eurasia ; Comparative Study of Authoritarian Regimes