New Media Dialogues

University Without Borders has launched a new online series of meetings with media researchers and analysts dedicated to the discussion of the changes in the contemporary media and what these changes mean for the professionals working in different communications-related fields.

The series, New Media Dialogues, will be held in collaboration with ECANA (Eurasian Communication Association of North America).

Dialogue 1. The Future of Journalism and Journalism of the Future

How does journalism as an institution change with the transition to new media? What are the perspective new formats that journalism will undertake? Will senses replace text? Who holds the keys to the future – journalist-person, journalist-robot or viral editor? What are the technological, social and economic consequences of media’s transition into digital formats in the near and far future?

Miroshnichenko_iconAndrei Miroshnichenko, media theorist, journalist, head of School of Effective Text “Media”, new media and corporate communication consultant, к.ф.н., Fulbright program expert (USA). Andrei has over 20 years of senior editorial experience in regional and federal business media in Russia (“Financial Russia”, “Independent Newspaper”, “Bank Overview”, “City N” and other). He is the author of the viral editor concept, and a number of books, including “When The Newspapers Will Die” and Human as media. The emancipation of authorship. Russian-language website: School of Effective Text “Media”. English-language blog: Human as media.

Gatov_iconVassiliy Gatov, Russian media analyst and journalist, author of the blog and numerous publications on career change influences by new technological, economic and political circumstances. In 2011-2013 Vassiliy was the head of the RIA Novosti Medialaboratory. He has broad experience in the creation and management of media companies and the development of business strategies for media. He is a board member of the Russian Publishers Guild and of WAN-IFRA.

Sergei S iconSergei Samoilenko, instructor of strategic communications at George Mason University and head of the Council on University Communications of the PRSA-NCC in Washington D.C., USA. Earlier Sergei taught at the Higher School of Mass Media and Journalism at Kansas State University and the School of Public Health at George Washington University. He is the author of numerous seminars and lectures on the development of communication competence systems that are necessary for young specialists to achieve successful career growth in the age of new media.

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The Dialogue will take place on 17 December 2014 at 20:00 MSK via Google Hangout. You can watch the online translation and ask the participant questions below. (Tip: to ask a question, click on a square icon in the top right corner and the choose “Q&A”):