Fall Workshops with ECANA

What do communication studies study?

UWB’s Fall workshops with ECANA

Communication studies is a discipline that covers such areas as theories and methods of communication research, interpersonal communication and communication in small groups, intercultural communication, psychological aspects of political communication and reputation management, language study, argumentation and conflict management.

This discipline is a norm in any liberal arts curriculum at any Western college. The value of education in communication is obvious. Studying communication helps us not just to acquire certain communicative skills and technologies, but it also endows us with a particular way of thinking. Research shows that students educated in communication, are better at turning into an opinion leader and occupy a leading position in the company. In the end, studying communication opens up opportunities for a more productive and proactive attitude towards her life.

The workshops that University without Borders holds together with ECANA bring in experts from different fields in communication studies. Their purpose is to demonstrate students the potential of studying communication.


October 2, 2014. Topic: “Сharacter Assassination and Reputation Management”. Sergei Samoilenko (George Mason University, USA), Dr. Mike Finch (Lee University, USA) and Dr. Martijn Icks (Queen’s University Belfast). The webinar is held in English.

October 22, 2014. Topic: “How social media change the profession of journalism in Russia, Poland and Sweden”. Dr. Elena Johansson, Södertörn University, Sweden. The webinar is held in Russian.

November 5, 2014. Topic: “Developing а Theoretical Framework of Global Media Transparency”. Dr. Katerina Tsetsura, University of Oklahoma, USA. The webinar is held in Russian.


The workshops take place online as a google hangout. If you want to participate in a discussion, send us a short bio at info@universitetbezgraniz.ru. You can also follow the discussion as it is cast online and ask questions live on this page, or on Twitter @ubezgraniz.