What is History?

ZeitflußThis is an introductory course to history that will trace the changes in history’s importance, methods and possibilities through time. The course will discuss the main approaches to the study of the past in connection with the tasks set by the society at different stages. Particular attention will be paid to the modern concepts of history, both accepted among academics as well as common in society as a whole.

Course themes:
1. Time and history in the ancient world.
2. Medieval history and chronology as power.
3. New discovery of the past. The era of romanticism and history as a resource nationalism.
4. Positivist history and the crisis of historical knowledge at the turn of 19-20 centuries.
5. “The new science of history” in the interwar period.
6. History in the 20th century in search of the object and the subject.
7. The post-modern historiography (and why the positivists dislike it).
8. Post-postmodern and contemporary “battles for history.”

Instructor: Ivan Kurilla Course dates: 16 December 2013 – 8 February 2014
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