Basic Academic Writing in English

This course is designed for graduate students and faculty who are interested in publishing their work in English-language journals. This course requires from students a great command of English.

During the course, we will look at ways to organize a standard academic article so that it communicates the key ideas of the author in the most clear, coherent and convincing way. This course also aims to introduce important academic writing skills, such as paraphrasing, summation, evaluation of sources, comparison and contrast, representation of numerical/statistical data, as well as search for research materials, and ways of organizing citations and bibliography entries. The instructor will provide written feedback during exercises, so each exercise will take several steps of editing, thus mimicking the process utilized in academic journals when preparing research papers for publication.

Instructor: Natalia Dolgova Course dates: 10 Januaty – 21 February 2014
Syllabus Course details Cost: $100